What Does FF7 Rebirth’s Luck Stat Do? (And How To Make Cait Sith Broken)

What Does FF7 Rebirth’s Luck Stat Do? (And How To Make Cait Sith Broken)

As an RPG, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a number of character stats that influence various aspects of a battle. Luck is perhaps one of the less understood ones. Not only is it an attribute worth raising, but certain characters, like Cait Sith in particular, can benefit from a high Luck stat in some dramatic ways.

Luck most directly influences a character’s chances of landing a more powerful critical hit, be it a physical or magical attack. In Rebirth, you can check how much extra damage a character does on a critical hit by going to “Party” in the main menu and viewing each character’s stats. Your chances of landing a critical hit go up by one percent for every 5 points you have in Luck.

You can also increase your chances of successfully using Steal or Morph materia with a high Luck stat.

How to juice your Luck

Luck Up materia will raise your luck stat. Cait Sith comes with this materia when he joins the party (more on him in a moment). You can also grab an orb from any shop that sells materia from chapter four onwards. Luck Up is also a reward for completing Cait Sith’s combat training in Chadley’s combat simulator.

You can also equip a Lucky Amulet accessory to raise your Luck by 10 points. You’ll get this item for completing “O Chicken, Where Art Thou” in Gongaga.

Abusing Cait Sith’s Luck stat

As I said earlier, for every five points you have invested in Luck, you’ll see a one-percent boost. It follows, then, that if you can get a character close to 500 Luck, nearly all of their attacks will be critical hits. And what if you did this with a character who has Luck-Based attacks like Cait Sith?

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

First, you’ll want to equip Cait Sith with two Luck Up materia orbs. With both orbs maxed out, this will juice his Luck by 100 percent. Then equip him with the Lucky Amulet accessory. Be sure to have the Lucky Jockey passive skill equipped as well (available as a weapon skill with the Yellow, Red, Crystal, and Gjallarhorn megaphones). This boosts Cait Sith’s Luck by 100 when riding on his moogle.

There are likely a few different schools of thought when it comes to which weapons are going to be best for Cait Sith. The Red Megaphone will let you equip two instances of Lucky Jockey, meaning you’ll get an extra 200 Luck when riding the moogle. However, the Red Megaphone only has two materia slots, so you’re restricting just how much materia you can equip.

While riding the moogle, Cait Sith is likely to not only deal higher damage, but have nearly all of his attacks be critical hits as well.

You may also wish to equip Cait Sith with materia that raises his ATB faster or gives him a head start, such as First Strike.

FF7 Rebirth has very kinetic-feeling combat, but understanding the numbers that work underneath it is essential for taking on the game’s tougher fights.

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