Splatoon Gets Inevitable Real-World Water Gun

Splatoon Gets Inevitable Real-World Water Gun

You had an inkling this was going to happen, didn't you? Famitsu reports that an official Splatoon Splattershot water gun is going on sale for 2700 yen ($31). It will be available this winter via HMV, starting July 18.

Top image: HMV


    The classic super soaker 50 is back, in squid form!

      Had a super soaker 200 back in the day. NYE street parade 92, got attacked by bunch of kids my age with little hand pistols, got my mother to buy me it then spent the rest of the night chasing them around

        My friend once tried to drink from a cps2000, and instantly threw up everywhere.

        Ah, childhood...

    Cheers for inkluding the AU conversion from yen.

    I need one of these, my 4 year olds birthday always turns into a massive water fight and a weapon like that would make it so much fun.

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