Every Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Ever Sold, All In One Place

Every Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Ever Sold, All In One Place

To be exact, that's 7649 cards in total. To promote the new Yu-Gi-Oh! animated movie Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, here's a full set of all the cards that have gone on sale since 1999. Incredible to see them all displayed like this in Tokyo's Shinjuku Station.

Think how long it would it take to complete a full set as well as how much it would cost.

[Top image: Souyu_nana]


    My son plays this... he said he wants to collect them all... I think I just died a little inside seeing all that :O

    What does pot of greed do?!?!

      @Dean: here's a simple and straight forward explanation of what pot of greed is and how it's used. Additional background information of how you can decipher the meaning yourself.

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