There's A Giant Deadpool Statue In Japan

There's a Giant Deadpool Statue in Japan

Joining the likes of other giant statues that have appeared in the country (here and here, for example), this latest jumbo-sized work depicts a reclining Deadpool. The statue, which takes up a truck's flatbed, measures around 7m.

Former sumo champ Akebono introduced the statue, which just went on display yesterday in Osaka.

Shame the weather is so crummy today.

After Osaka, the giant Deadpool will go onto to Nagoya and then Tokyo, building up to the film's June 1 release in Japan.

In case you missed it, read what we liked and did not like about the film.

[Image: rkobabaa]


    Why is this article posted again? its the second timeeeee

    Yeaaaah... I like to see it especially from this angle. :P

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