Japan Is Getting New Pokémon 3DS XLs

Just in time for Pokémon Sun and Moon, here are two upcoming 3DS XL units for Japan. Whaddaya think? [Image: Nintendo]

The yellow unit portable features Pikachu, while the black one features new Legendaries Lunala and Solgaleo.

[Images: Nintendo]

[Images: Nintendo]

According to Nintendo, each portable is 20,304 yen ($258) and do not come bundled with Sun and Moon. Both will be out on November 18.


    I was hoping to get a new 3DS to go with the new games (like I did with X&Y) but these aren't particularly appealing

    Don't worry, there's a fair chance we won't get them here in Australia anyway. They may release a different design for the international market.

    What are the chances of seeing these for sale over here in Aus?

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