Machinima's Transformers Animated Series Is Looking Hot

This is what the first official Transformers animated series for adults looks like. So far, so good.

I've been a Transformers fan since the original series back in the '80s, and while Hasbro has gone lengths to ensure there are plenty of toys to please adult fans, the animated offerings have been skewing younger and younger since the Unicron Trilogy wrapped up. Machinima's upcoming Combiner Wars series gives grown-ups (and the cool kids) something to look forward to.

This week saw the release of the first images from the series, which launches August second on go90, along with news that a four-episode prelude series will launch on June 28 across go90, YouTube and Facebook. Let's see what we're getting here.

This shot of female Combiner-hunter Windblade gives us a nice look at the series' style, with 3D characters interacting on 2D backgrounds.

Not being one to stand and contemplate for long, here's a more active shot of Windblade, showing off her robot teeth, because robots have teeth. What would they grit otherwise?

Of course no adult-themed Transformers screenshot release is complete without a gratuitous jet-mode butt shot.

Here's a look at an original character named Maxima. Hopefully she changes into a Nissan Maxima. Probably not.

And in case you were worried about classic characters making an appearance, we've got Menasor up top and this guy down below:

We'll see what these characters look like in action when the Combiner Wars prelude series launches. I have high hopes.



    I somehow read that as Mensa-sor. I would assume such a transformer would be fairly smart.

      From memory, on Motormaster's toy package, it has his stats, and his intelligence is higher than Prime's.

    The rest looks crap but damned if Im not impressed by that Starscream shot. That alone is enough to convince me to watch this.

    I wanted the new Voltron series to be more adult orientated, let's hope this one wins at least.

    Lack of praising Transformers: Prime in the article is disappointing.
    Started off aimed at younger audiences with 3 human children as characters. But they quickly took a backseat to awesome multiple episode and season long arcs.

      Then they threw all that away anyway because kids love Bumblebee, amirite?

      To be fair, it still was pretty great while it lasted, but Hasbro could have stood to back off of Bumblebee for once and let the Smokescreen-as-proxy-Hot-Rod storyline play out.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, check the Hasbro/official TF fbook - it's available only in North America.

    Last edited 28/06/16 4:07 pm

    "Hasbro has gone lengths to ensure there are plenty of toys to please adult fans"

    This is bad comedy.

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