Cut Street Fighter V Characters Included 'Fighting President' And 'Clumsy Cutie'

Sixteen characters made the cut for Street Fighter V, but they weren't the only ones designed for the game. Capcom have shared some sketches of fighters who were created but failed to make the finished product, and yeah, it's pretty easy to see why most of them died where they did. First up is a "Clumsy Cutie".

Here's her description:

When this cutie starts fighting, her clothes start becoming more tattered due to her clumsiness.


Next up: Prototype Shadaloo Soldier.

Apparently it's a "design that takes inspiration from the Aliens vs. Predator franchise". Also from "shitty '90s superhero comics" and "bad Xbox One game". No thank you.

Here's "Soccer Fighter", who initially looks like a fresh twist for Street Fighter, until you remember he's basically a clone of Rival Schools' Roberto (which was indeed the reason he was scrapped):

They're not all bad though! Some were a combination of both cool art and interesting character designs, like "Fighting Literary Master":

And a "Fighting President", whose policies probably involve a lot of kicking arse and somersaults.

You can see the full list of cut characters on CFN (via Polygon).


    The Clumsy Cutie seems to be lost.

    She should have turned left for DOA.

    huh, a clumsy fighting character... that could of been a pretty interesting character to play.

    Last edited 01/07/16 8:14 pm

    Man, Capcom should totally drop a few Rival Schools characters into SF. Sakura is already the link between the two series. I also would have been down with Clumsy Cutie.

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