After Nine Years Of Work, Fans Release Their Own Pokemon Game

Pokemon Uranium, one of the more interesting attempts by fans to build an all-new Pokemon game, is finally finished! We wrote about it a few years back, not just because of the length of time it's taken the team to put it together, but for how ambitious the whole project is. It has a tropical setting, features over 150 new custom-made Pokemon, the ability to talk to your creatures and even a whole new class: Nuclear Pokemon.

Here's a trailer celebrating the game's v1.0 release:

Maybe most exciting, aside from all the creative differences, are some technical ones. Namely, that the game supports both online trading and battling.

Note that this obviously isn't something you can buy, nor is it necessarily intended to be played on a Nintendo handheld; instead, it's a standalone .exe that you play on a PC.

You can get it here.


    How many hours before the inevitable Nintendo C&D?

    Their site is getting hit pretty hard atm, for those that can't get through, here's the mega link:!6YdCSJ5Q!hkyWiwm9p7nIyGJrnZIDBegjlhOsIfe8Jov4jMjzW-o

    Guess i can add this to my 'What are you playing this weekend' list :P

    At work but downloading now so I have it before the inevitable takedown by Nintendo.

    DS engine, my fave!!

    If gaming outlets are going to feature productions like this, with all the baggage we know comes with it, they should go the whole hog and actually review this.

    Stop showing off your work if its using another property!!!!

    Those 'new' Pokemon look terrible..... Goes to show that it's hard to design Poke's.


    Mmm the tandoori region. The mons have absolutely nothing on ken sugamori.
    Also was one of those called "trans cure"???

    Stardew Valley and 20XX have taught me that fans make the best games.

    If only they would make a full console version of Pokemon. I know, I'm a bad person for wanting a full HD, full 3D, full online RPG version of pokemon (I always get told off for wanting that on KotakuAU).

    I still want it.

      The Pokemon games have so much potential and they just never use it, I understand your frustration.

      Even Pokemon Go as big as it is in such a short time could have been so much will be eventually as they add more to it but it just feels wrong to see such a good concept executed so poorly.

    Petitioning to make a new Pokemon named "Chubbug". I know it wasn't in the trailer, but come on. Chubbug.

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