Look At This Mechanical Keyboard

I'm in love.

Sadly, this isn't a commercial product. It's a custom job by Will_26, who took an old QFR keyboard, got some custom keys then hydro dipped the housing the get that woodgrain look.

(If you don't know what hydro dipping is, it's essentially magic)

This is the second such job he's done this year, with an earlier keyboard opting for a marble look:

Actual keyboard manufacturers: the world is ready for nice keyboards. Not everything has to be either "for the office" or "TOTALLY RAD GAMER SWAG".


    WHERE IS THE NUMPAD!?!?! *OCD goes into overdrive*

      Would a seperate usb numpad thingy make your OCD better, or worse?

        WORSSSEEEE *runs around*

        Seriously though I use the numpad so damn much it would make me cry not having it on a keyboard, even one as pretty as this.

      Once you got tenkeyless (80%) or compact (60-65%), you don't go back. Full size keyboards look ridiculously huge to me now.

      More on topic, I really really love Sky Dolch (the cyan keycap set in the photo) but can't bring myself to spend $180 USD + shipping to get it :/


      Last edited 22/08/16 12:29 pm

        Yeah except when you're a data analyst and use the numpad all the damn time (even at home for normal tasks/working from home).

        I can understand your love of a smaller keyboard but it's not everyone's cup of tea :)

        And $180 for a keyset? I can understand why you'd be a bit sad panda in getting it. That's a lot of outlay just for the damn keys :O

          Of course if you enter numerical data very often (data entry workers, accountants, analysts, anyone in financial services, or you just really love numpads and do use them) then you should always buy a full size keyboard. For everyone else, TKL layout is great. The biggest advantage is being able to have your mouse closer to the centre of your desktop, so it feels like a more natural 'resting' position. Whereas if you have a full size keyboard, you will have to repetitively strain a little (it all adds up) to use your mouse.

          Last edited 23/08/16 1:35 pm

        What's compact? Do they actually use smaller keys, or is that just where they squish everything together and like stick the arrow keys down where the right side ctrl/shift/etc are supposed to be?

        Because if it's the latter then you are absolutely certifiable :P

          I don't use compact layout myself (I use TKL/80% layout), but it's usually 60-65% layout (eg. WhiteFox - http://matt3o.com/whitefox-the-making-of/) and can even be as low as 40% (eg. The MiniVan custom kit - https://www.massdrop.com/buy/minivan-keyboard?mode=guest_open).

          I'm pretty happy sticking with TKL/80% layout.

          Last edited 23/08/16 1:44 pm

      This is my favourite keyboard. You can wash it IN water. Minimal, got a numpad.


        Ooh sexy. I still like big ish keyboards. I have giant spider like fingers so it's always nice for me to use chunkier stuff. I still want a mechanical one one day but I think the noise would drive my girlfriend batty until we move to a bigger place :P

    Hell yes!!! So sick of the plain old boring black.

      And how sexy are those keys in teal lettering? *sploosh*

    He removed the space invader key??? Failllll

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