Oh, If Only Mega Man Still Looked This Good

Poor Mega Man. Forgotten by Capcom, even his spiritual successor is terrible. But people out there still love the little guy, and one of those people is artist Steven Zapata, who has worked for companies like DC, Universal and Google. Attempting a bit of "self therapy after the lukewarm arrival of Mighty No.9", he decided to redesign Mega Man X and the Mavericks from Mega Man X1.

I like what he's done here. Especially with Zero.

You can see more of Steven's work at his personal site.


    Those were awesome. Bring back megaman! Bring back the battle network series too! And Zero!

      Yes, need the Battle Network series back! It's a pity it's so hard to find copies of the show these days...

    No Vile huh? Then again, much like Zero, you can't improve on perfection

    That Megaman X art is the Truforce Collectables design isn't it?

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