Path Of Exile Developer Grinding Gear Recruits Original Diablo Designer

Path Of Exile Developer Grinding Gear Recruits Original Diablo Designer

Well, that’s one way to give your action-RPG a shot in the arm! Not that Path of Exile from Kiwi studio Grinding Gear Games needs help — it’s managed pretty darn well so far — but to get one of the fathers of the modern hack’n’slash David Brevik on board is quite the coup no matter how you cut it.

Brevik alluded to a “Diablo-like” change in circumstances on Twitter last week:

Unsurprisingly, the mere mention of “Diablo” was enough to get tongues wagging and Brevik felt the need a couple of days later to clarify:

And now we know he’s joined Grinding Gear, specifically the Chinese side of things, currently operated by media giant Tencent.

There’s a post announcing Brevik’s arrival on Path of Exile‘s China site, however, it’s not in English and while Google Translate does wonders, it doesn’t make it clear exactly what Brevik will be “advising”.

That’s OK though, because PC Invasion’s Paul Younger got in touch with Grinding Gear CEO Chris Wilson for confirmation:

“David is an adviser, primarily for our launch in mainland China, but we hope to learn from his experience as much as we can over the coming months.”   Both Brevik and Wilson will be heading to China to help with the game’s launch and to meet fans.

Path of Exile players hoping Brevik would immediately dive neck-deep into the design side of things might be disappointed by this “launch adviser” role, but it’s early days yet.

Dark Father David as “the road to exile,” the honorary advisor! [Path of Exile, via Blue’s News]