A Doctor Went On Reddit And Tore Some Anti-Gaming Myths Apart

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Dr Rachel Kowert has dedicated her whole career to video game research - gamers, the games we play, and exactly what they do to our brains. Recently, Dr Kowert took to Reddit to dispel some common myths about gaming and gamers - covering everything from addiction, to screen time, to links with violent behaviour.

Next time you have someone telling you games are bad, m'kay, link them to this.

On video game addiction

On a link between video games and violence

On online vs real life relationships

On "screen time"

On "gamer" sterotypes

On the best games for kids

On exactly who is used for gaming studies

On gamers and loneliness

You can find the full AMA here.

Thank you, Dr Kowert.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo


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