Transformers Is Getting A New Fighting Game, And I Don’t Care That It’s Mobile

Transformers Is Getting A New Fighting Game, And I Don’t Care That It’s Mobile

Autobots and Decepticons from all corners of the cartoon, comic, toy and movie universes do battle this autumn in Transformers: Forged To Fight. Developed by Kabam, it sounds a lot like Marvel: Contest of Champions, only with Transformers. That’s just prime.

Decent Optimus Prime versus crappy movie Megatron? Sold.

Yes, I know. You were excited until you saw “mobile game” in the headline. Not only is Forged to Fight mobile, it’s going to be free-to-play and packed with things to purchase in order to unlock new characters. Again, I don’t care. Robots hitting other robots — this is what I want. Not Earth Wars, the Clash of Clans-ish strategy game. Not Angry Birds: Transformers. I want this:

Starscream versus some jerk. I think it’s Hound? How is that Hound?

Well, maybe with a few less Beybots, but you gotta get those movie audiences to download the game and not leave user reviews like, “Why is Optimus Prime all blocky? He looks like a toy!”

Yes, that. Just keep the microtransactions in check, keep adding new characters, maybe toss some Beast Wars (I’ll even take Beast Machines) in there for flavour, and I will play this. I will level up my characters, unlock new skills and readily accept whatever convoluted storyline they come up with to explain what’s going on.

Behold the giant hand of… well it’s somebody’s hand. They don’t just make hands.

Transformers: Whatever It’s A Fighting Game will be going into testing soon in select markets, with a global release date of autumn 2017.

Look kids, it’s Windblade!


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