Japanese School Teacher Threatens Students With A 'Death Note'

A 30-something year-old teacher in Fukushima, Japan has apologised for threatening to put the names of primary school students in a "Death Note".

[Image: デスノート Light up the NEW world]

A "Death Note" refers to the notebook in the popular anime and manga. People whose names are written in the notebook end up dead.

According to The Fukushima Minyu Shimbun, the teacher even showed four students an image of Death Note on his tablet computer, saying, "I'm gonna write your name in the 'Death Note'."

The newspaper doesn't clarify if the image the teacher showed was from the Death Note manga, anime or live-action movies.

The school held a briefing about what happened with the teacher apologising to the children's parents. The school's principal told the newspaper that the teacher's method of warning the children was "unsuitable".


    'Unsuitable' to make death threats? I'd say so ;)

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