Draymond Green Video Game Is About Basketball, But Also Kicking Dicks

Welcome to Draymond Green's Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball, a basketball game where you must score, but also kick dudes in the figs.

Made for Ludum Dare 37 late last year (but only released online earlier this week), it supports four players in local multiplayer, and is not screwing about with the combat side of things: the story is that "the local rec center has been double booked for a charity basketball event and a karate championship", so Draymond figures, why not combine the two?

As you can tell by the clip below, this is not a proper sports game, so don't expect a ton of features or anything fancy. It's just a cool NBA Jam-ish idea given life for a game jam. And it has a very good sports logo at halfcourt.

You can download it on PC here.

Let this also be a sad reminder that Barkley 2 is still not out.


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