Super Spy Nick Fury Jr Has Some Mad Sexy Style

His name's Fury, Nick Fury. Some preview artwork has come out for the upcoming Nick Fury solo comic, and damn, young Nick is looking mighty fine these days. I've got the vapours.

All Images: Marvel

Nick Fury, the comic book series that dives into the espionage exploits of Nick Fury Sr's son, is definitely honing in on the 1960s sexy secret agent vibe. Penned by James Robinson with art provided by ACO, the series follows Fury Jr as he conducts spy missions and dodges Frankie Noble, a female agent who ACO described as "the Lady Gaga of HYDRA". In an interview with, ACO said the latest comic will definitely take on a less serious tone than some of Fury Sr's adventures, mainly because baby Nick isn't having to save the world as much as his father.

"I think old Nick has had stories in which world security depended solely on him. Always on the verge of the cataclysm, with great villains with plans of world domination and where he is in his element. This Nick takes care of small missions, not to the scale of his father. That helps him to take spying in a funnier and lighter way. Indeed, global security also depends on him, but this is no excuse for not having a good time while saving the day," ACO said.

ACO has given the pages a very heavy 1960s psychedelic vibe, which he said was the result of open and honest collaboration with Robison, who gave him "complete freedom" to do whatever he wanted with the artwork. The result is a Nick Fury story unlike any we've seen before, with gorgeous settings and an even more gorgeous Nick. Over the course of the story, he travels the world, even going to Atlantis, and ACO added that he'll be getting a bunch of cool spy gadgets to help him out. Not that he needs the help... all he needs to do is give one look, and any HYDRA agent would fall under his spell. In short, he looks fine. Nick Fury #1 comes out April 19. You can check out some of the pages below.



    Please tell me this is a one shot and not meant to be in canon. It looks really cool, but in the current sliding time scale Fury is gone, he died on the moon like a month ago and its the white one. So did Ultimate Fury just like jump into ANAD somehow?

    Remember that one time Marvel used a line wide event to clean up all these confusing stories, I feel like that wasn't long enough ago for the cracks to be showing in the overall lore.

      There was an event comic a while ago ('Battle Lines', I think?) that was 5 issues long and was basically Marvel introducing the son of 'the white Nick Fury'. He just coincidentally looks almost exactly like a young Sam Jackson, he lost his eye, and, oh, he has a friend called 'Cheese' Coulson and they both ended up as agents of SHIELD. (sarcasm) Now I wonder why Marvel would have introduced such characters?

        Fair call, had never heard of it. Atleast that is better than "because".

      This isn't Ultimate Fury. It's the original Fury's son.

      Last edited 26/03/17 10:12 am

      This is Fury jr, it even says that near the top of the article, he's been around for a number of years.

        Still missing the part where he jumped from one reality to another.

          It's old man Fury's son, not Ultimate Fury.

            Yeah, okay, but that doesn't explain how he jumped from one reality to another.

              He didn't. Ultimate Fury is dead thanks to Secret Wars.

              Last edited 28/03/17 11:41 am

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