It's A Great Time To Level Up A New Job In Final Fantasy 14

With the launch of Final Fantasy 14's Stormblood expansion, a ton of players are exploring the new post-level 60 content. But if you're on the right game server, massive experience point bonuses are a great incentive to take a break from the new stuff and start a new job at level one.

In the video above I level up the conjurer class from level one to six in a matter of a couple of minutes. While the video was processing I killed a few more things and got to level eight. Over the weekend I took the archer job from level one to level 30, when it switches over to bard, in a matter of maybe five or six hours. That's all thanks to experience point bonuses upwards of 400 per cent.

To get bonuses that high you're going to have to be on one of Square Enix's preferred or new worlds. Characters created or existing on these specific worlds currently get a special "Road to 60" buff that doubles their experience point gain under level 60. Transferred characters will not receive the bonus.

Then you have the armoury bonus, which gives jobs lower than your main an extra 100 per cent experience. This stacks with the Road to 60 buff.

Items can help too, such as the extra 20 per cent from the Helm of Light...

... or the 30 per cent granted by the Ala Mhigan earrings, which were a preorder bonus for Stormblood.

I'm getting an additional 520 per cent experience for every kill, plus bonuses for quest completion and finishing hunting journal entries by killing special tagged creatures. Between quests, killing critters, fates (world quests) and dungeons, it's ridiculous.

If you're on a preferred or new world, now is the time to stack your deck with extra jobs. If you aren't, it's still a nice distraction from the high-pressure job of freeing the lands of Doma and Ala Mhigo from Imperial repression.


    It's also a LOT easier to level post lvl30 for the simple fact that PvP is actually decently populated at the moment due to the huge player influx.
    The big frontlines PvP are quick, gives a really nice chunk of exp that scales to your level and is the same regardless of what place your team comes in the end.

    I never finished the late vanilla stuff to get through to Heavensward's content, despite loving the game... Might be time to go back!

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