Wonder Woman Figure Is So Lifelike It's A Little Unsettling

Hot Toys have a 1/6 scale (11.5"/29cm) Wonder Woman figure out next year. As is pretty standard with their big movie releases, it looks fantastic.

While I will call it her "Wonder Woman on the island" outfit, the official name for the figure is "Wonder Woman — Themyscira Training Armour Version".

It's a fully articulated figure, not a statue, and comes with a bunch of weapons as well as a "Themyscira island background".

No official price yet, but Hot Toys figures like this generally run to around $US220 ($294)-250.

If you're wondering why they'd release a figure based on that look and not her iconic armour, that's because Hot Toys already made one of those for Wonder Woman's appearance in the Batman v Superman movie.


    ok nothing that deep in the uncanny valley is getting within a mile of my house.. house could you sleep when you just know its going to wake and murder you in your sleep

    Ok I'll buy 'realistic'... but that doesn't look like Gal Gadot. Looks closer to Rey from Force Awakens somehow???

      Kinda like how the Emma Watson doll from Beauty and the Beast looked like Justin Bieber...

      was thinking the same thing, does not look like her one bit. Not the hair, its the face.

      Last time I bought one of these it was around $200-$300 AU

    Like all hot toys though, this is the hand scultped and hand painted prototype - the actual figure will not look any where near as lifelike.

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