Wonder Woman Figure Is So Lifelike It’s A Little Unsettling

Wonder Woman Figure Is So Lifelike It’s A Little Unsettling

Hot Toys have a 1/6 scale (11.5″/29cm) Wonder Woman figure out next year. As is pretty standard with their big movie releases, it looks fantastic.

While I will call it her “Wonder Woman on the island” outfit, the official name for the figure is “Wonder Woman — Themyscira Training Armour Version”.

It’s a fully articulated figure, not a statue, and comes with a bunch of weapons as well as a “Themyscira island background”.

No official price yet, but Hot Toys figures like this generally run to around $US220 ($294)-250.

If you’re wondering why they’d release a figure based on that look and not her iconic armour, that’s because Hot Toys already made one of those for Wonder Woman’s appearance in the Batman v Superman movie.


  • ok nothing that deep in the uncanny valley is getting within a mile of my house.. house could you sleep when you just know its going to wake and murder you in your sleep

  • Ok I’ll buy ‘realistic’… but that doesn’t look like Gal Gadot. Looks closer to Rey from Force Awakens somehow???

  • Like all hot toys though, this is the hand scultped and hand painted prototype – the actual figure will not look any where near as lifelike.

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