Doctor Strange Just Got Fired From His Job And Replaced By Loki

Doctor Strange Just Got Fired From His Job And Replaced By Loki

There are dozens of witches and warlocks running around Marvel’s comics who, at one point or another, have been up for consideration as the next Sorcerer Supreme. Traditionally, the Supremacy has been bestowed upon Stephen Strange, but that’s about to change — for the worse.

Image: Marvel Comics

This spring, in a new Doctor Strange story arc penned by Donny Cates, Doctor Strange is losing his claim to the title of Sorcerer Supreme and handing it over to Loki, a noted and powerful magic user in his own right. In an statement shared with Comicbook, Cates described the events of the ark as “shocking”, but when you look at the basic elements of the story, it’s sort of clear what to expect.

Sorcerers Supreme, in addition to being impressively skilled magicians, are also tasked with protecting their home dimensions from significant, reality-threatening magical threats. In the past, Brother Voodoo and the Ancient One have served as Sorcerers Supreme, and other heroes such as Magik, the Scarlet Witch and Wiccan have been considered for the role.

For all of his magical prowess, Loki’s known more so for his tricks and treachery as opposed to someone who dedicates his life to protecting others. It stands to reason that soon after he comes into his new great power, he’ll neglect his great responsibility and chaos will ensue. We’ll all find out when the new Doctor Strange arc kicks off this November.