Now Here’s Demon’s Souls Running On A PC

Now Here’s Demon’s Souls Running On A PC

In case seeing Persona 5 wasn’t impressive enough, here’s footage of another big PS3 game — Demon’s Souls — being entirely playable on a PC courtesy of an emulator.

Persona 5 Is Now Playable On The PC (Via Emulation)

In April, we posted a video of Persona 5 running quite poorly on the PC via an emulator. Now, only a few months later, it's looking fantastic.

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It’s running through a fresh update of RPCS3, the same emulator that was powering Persona 5 the other day. And while it’s not a perfect emulation — and has some hefty hardware requirements — it works well enough to play and enjoy the game.

Like Persona, this was actually technically playable earlier this year, but it’s only very recently that it has become actually playable.

For reference, this video was captured on a PC with a i7-6700k processor.

Now please join me in my candlelight vigil, as we await a video just like this, only for Red Dead Redemption (it’s currently … got a ways to go).


  • So Kotaku posts article after article condemning anyone who torrents shows like Game of Thrones, advertising service after service to get access to such shows legally…

    Yet celebrates in emulator articles that allow people to bypass buying consoles, or buying the games either if we’re being really honest about emulators.


    • The PS3 was discontinued in May this year though. Very few if any new PS3 consoles or copies of Demons Souls are being sold, so Sony/FromSoft are not losing out on any sales as a result of emulation at this point. You could reasonably argue that there’s a moral difference from pirating TV shows, if not a legal one.

    • There is nothing illegal about reverse engineering a console to make an emulator. It is an amazing programming and engineering feat.

    • Oh get off your high horse.

      The PS3 is essentially EOL, and projects like RPCS3 ensure that access to these games is preserved going into the future.

      • Oh please, the PS3 is far from being an unobtainable relic. It is also not the only hardware emulators exist for.

        And using your logic, one could argue that torrents guarantee access to shows like Game of Thrones when consumers want them… Unlike PAID services such as Foxtel, and even HBO themselves, that have proven on more than one occasion to be unreliable.

        Now that I’ve said that another Kotaku article will likely materialise with, “How dare you, pirate scum! Try this VPN we totally weren’t paid to advertise!” plastered across it.

        • However access to it will decline over time as production of those consoles has ceased.

          As for your argument about pirating, the correct argument would be if that media wasn’t available on a streaming service, paid download or bluray. At last look, GoT is available thru Foxtel. Try to leave masked man fallacies at home hey :P.

          • At last look, GoT is available thru Foxtel.
            Tell that to the people that couldn’t watch it when it the new season started, despite paying to do just that.

            And the “You can wait and watch it later…” argument I’ve seen thrown around defending them is a joke. A lot of people paid for a service, one advertising the release of the GoT season premiere to draw people in, and they simply didn’t get said service. There is no defending that.

            People can think I’m defending piracy all they like… But the fact pirates are even doing for free what some companies, who are being paid, fail to provide is plainly ridiculous. It is the complete opposite of what the situation should be.

          • Sounds like justification for me to pirate every show currently not readily accessible through other means. Good. Over the years I’ve spent a small fortune on having tv series not available in AU shipped over from the US.

    • Agreed, I’d throw my wallet at From Soft & Sony 4 a Dark Souls 1 port 4 ps4.. Dark Souls 1 being the best. Dark Souls 3 had what? 13 cathedrals & 1 million castles lol

  • It’s good to see there is progress being made with this emulator.

    I happen to own a PS3 so i’m willing to self dump for the convenience of playing on PC =)
    This game is worth buying, heck get a pre owned copy is a viable option.

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