Sydney Hotel Is On Some Deus Ex Stuff

While capsule hotels are nothing new in the real world, having been a staple of Japanese accommodation options for decades, a new business in Sydney called... The Capsule Hotel is taking the sci-fi inspiration very literally.

Look at these designs! These aren't practical cabins, these are a straight up homage to things such as The Fifth Element and Deus Ex.

I love how they were so excited to take the photos they didn't even clean up the construction mess first.

If you're wondering why a hotel designed specifically for areas of extreme density exists in big ol' Australia of all places, that's because Sydney has become a real estate apocalypse, and options like this are becoming the only way single people can afford a cheap night's sleep in the city centre in their own "room".

Perhaps in a bid to convince people put off by how small the whole thing is, the hotel is talking up stuff like smart TVs in every capsule and some fancy shared bathrooms. Yet the fact a basic pod costs only $55 a night, which is only a little more than you'd pay to stay in a massive shared dorm in a backpacker's hostel, probably does most of the convincing.

That said, I don't know how much polish you can put on something when the first thing I thought of when I saw its design was:


    Looks cool, I'd totally stay there next time I'm in Sydney.

    Only "a little more" than a shared hostel dorm? It's like one and a half times as much >_>

      Same price I paid around the corner from Shinjuku station. Good value, would definitely take this over a dorm.... as long as there's an onsen on site.

      Still worth it to not stay in a dorm hostel. Those places are filthy and horrendous.

        I don't mind 'em. Would rather put the extra twenty bucks towards food or something.

    Shame they don't have these in Perth. I'd be happy to live in one for $55 a week.

    As long as Belltower Mercs don't hunt you down.

    im due a Sydney holiday for a week sometime in the nect 6 months, 4 nights at some airbnb and 1 night in one of these, im gonna do it for the hell of it.

    I hope they are two metres deep or more because height discrimination is intolerable.

    You say hotel, I say "the future of housing in Sydney"

    how sound proof are these capsules?

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