Tecmo Is Making Dead Or Alive You Can Smell

Tecmo Is Making Dead Or Alive You Can Smell

Why only play Dead or Alive when you can smell it? Tecmo Koei is working hard to make that happen.

[Image: Tecmo Koei]

Dead or Alive VR already launched earlier this year, and it was pretty much as expected. Now, according to Dengeki Online, Tecmo Koei announced it’s bringing the the bikini spin-off series to its VR Sense platform as Dead Or Alive Xtreme Sense.

As previously reported, VR Sense is Tecmo Koei’s new arcade cabinet system with various sensory functions such as hot and cold, wind, mist and smell.

Dead Or Alive Xtreme Sense will feature mist effects in one sequences in which Kasumi takes a shower. It will also allow player to smell the ladies of DoA. Famitsu describes Kasumi as having a “fragrant” aroma.

In short, Tecmo Koei is adding sniffing to the leering.

No word yet if this VR sensory experience will ever leave Japanese shores.


    • Actually, if you think of this objectively, this is very exciting!
      While I wouldn’t personally use this technology for this exact purpose, the very fact that organisations are now looking beyond simply the visual sense is exciting.
      It will be this sort of research that will eventually lead to VR experiences beyond the, basic, purely visual ones that we currently have now

      • It doesn’t sound quite as interesting as the headline though. While existing VR tech allows software to reproduce arbitrary audible and visual signals, it isn’t clear that this is something that could produce arbitrary odours.

        From the description, they might just have bottles of a few different perfumes, and spray them at the user on cue. If you want a different odour, you’d need to replace the bottle.

        • Yeah, but even aside from the smell thing, there’s wind and mist. We’re a little bit closer to a VR Motorcycle Racing game where you can feel the wind (and the rain?) rushing past.

    • No thanks. I’m okay with this product.

      There are other things I would stop before this.

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