Report: Dragon’s Crown Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Report: Dragon’s Crown Is Coming To PlayStation 4

[Image: Dragon’s Crown Wikia]

It looks like Dragon’s Crown is headed to the PS4 as Dragon’s Crown Pro. At least, if these reports of a pre-Tokyo Game Show leak are to be believed.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Atlus is giving a presentation on Sunday, which will be streamed on Nico Nico.

Via Hachima, the NicoNico stream page’s smartphone version reportedly featured this banner:

(Via Hachima)

[Via Hachima]

It reads “PS4 Dragon’s Crown Pro” and “Pre-Orders For Limited Edition Version Begin!”

I just checked the stream’s page with my smartphone, and I am not getting this same banner, so it might have been taken down.

However, numerous Twitter users posted images of the banner when it was apparently still up:

Kotaku is following up with Atlus.


  • Nothing like being forced to buy a title again just so you can play it on your current platform. Imagine the absolute shit-storm you’d find if all of a sudden you needed to re-buy a 1080 version of a game just to play it when you upgrade your GPU.

    Fucking consoles, man.

    I mean, jesus, isn’t this game like, sprite based? What would you even get out of more power in this day and age.

    • Agree. There’s been a bunch of “HD remaster” games coming out on current gen consoles for games that only came out a couple years ago. Its double dipping and people should stop legitimising it for the publishers.

    • Except PS4 isn’t just a GPU upgrade of the PS3 / Vita. They’re completely different platforms that run completely different versions of the game. This isn’t a backwards compatibility issue.

      A better analogy would be if you had to re-buy a PS4 game to play it on PS4 Pro (or XB1 to XB1X). Which you don’t.

    • If it’s cheap and cheerful I will buy it. If you find it too arduous to plug in the PS3, then don’t buy it because that seems like a greater investment of your resources than switching over a HDMI (or just leaving the PS3 connected).

  • Can’t say as i have ever bought a remastered game… except FFX… oh and OoT… and Majoras Mask… ok I’ve bought a couple but they are games I’ve played at least a decade ago.

  • Awesome! Never played it when it came out and lately I’ve been wanting to try it. Don’t have a PS3 but I do have a PS4. Unless they want to put it on Steam.

  • I probably wouldn’t re-buy it (that Vita touchscreen is just too useful) but it’ll be nice to see some new players if crossplay now includes PS4.

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