Tiny 12-Inch Arcade Cabinet Is Actually Playable

Tiny 12-Inch Arcade Cabinet Is Actually Playable

New Wave Toys has teamed up with Atari to produce Replicade x Centipede, the first in a line of fully-functional 1/6 scale replicas of classic arcade games.

Crafted from die-cast metal and wood, the Replicade Amusements Centipede arcade cabinet is a pretty impressive feat of tiny-sizing.

Inside the case is some dedicated hardware loaded with a Centipede arcade ROM, outputting to a 10cm LCD screen. Players control the doll-sized game using custom-made trackball and button controls, just like the real thing, only itty bitty.

As someone who has always wanted to own an arcade cabinet but never had the room, this is a very cool idea. Kickstarter backers seem to agree, as the Kickstarter campaign New Wave Toys launched yesterday has already surpassed its $US50,000 ($63,712) target.

The tiny Centipede machine should start shipping in April of next year, with a retail release later in 2018.

Early bird units are going for as low as $US90 ($115), with a suggested retail of $US160 ($204).


  • With a functional trackball?
    That is beyond cool.
    I’m kinda cold on Kickstarter now though…

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