Kirby Buns Are The Cutest Snacks Available At Japanese Convenience Stores

Kirby is cute. Buns are cute. It's only natural that Kirby buns would be very, very cute.

[Photos: ponyo92625]

Today in Japan, Kirby buns are going on sale at Lawson convenience stores. Stuffed with Maxim Tomato" inspired filling, they're available for a limited time only.

Even when they're split open, they are adorable. No wonder folks are reporting that some Lawson stores are selling out of Kirby buns. Who wouldn't want to take a bite out of Kirby's face and eat its red innards?

The Kirby bun is even inspiring fan art.


    Not gaming news.

      Why always this comment? Aside from the fact Kirby's a video game character, Kotaku has run Japanese culture articles for as long as the site's been around. It's part of what Kotaku is.

        Brian consistently posts articles that are not gaming related - that's my opinion Zombie.

        He posts about food, hotels, funny odd things that might be slightly, vaguely something to do with gaming. But not gaming itself - I might see Mario in my latte swirl and post about it, but its still not gaming. That's what Brian does - in my opinion.

        That's why.

          Sure, but this is still essentially what the site has been for a decade at least. Complaining about it now feels like complaining that water is wet.

    You say cutest, but that top picture actually horrifies me.

      Agreed, i don't want to know what could be inside Kirby!


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