A Look Inside Eiichiro Oda's House

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has an interesting looking house. Let's have a peek!

[Image by Eiichiro Oda]

Previously, we saw what Oda's studio, which is also located in his house.

After checking out that, the way other parts of his house, which were recently introduced on Japanese TV, shouldn't come as a total surprise.

[Via myk_940926]

For example, he has a crane game in his house.

[Via myk_940926]

A bar with a popcorn machine.

[Via myk_940926]

A small train on the balcony.

[Via myk_940926]

An amazing toilet, which we saw previously.

Seems like a fun place to live and work!

[via Ruliweb]

And if you never get tired of seeing it, via Ruliweb, here is where Oda creates One Piece

[via Ruliweb]


    Holy shit, that desk is the most exciting looking thing to me, look at at organised chaos.

    When you consider his career, you're looking at an impressive body of work that represents a lifetime of dedication and a part of anime history.

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