PSA: Marvel's Black Panther Animated Series Is Streaming For Free On YouTube

In 2011, Marvel, in co-production with BET, produced a six episode animated/motion comic hybrid series starring the Black Panther. Now, that entire series is streaming on Marvel's YouTube channel.

The 120-minute series was unusually ambitious for motion comics, blending original and striking animation with the sort of slow, start-and-stop vibe that usually characterises the genre. With Djimon Hounsou as T'Challa, it tells a similar story to the Black Panther film, introducing audiences to Wakanda and its king before introducing an external threat to his rule (this time in the form of Klaw - unfortunately, Kilmonger doesn't make an appearance).

Now, the whole thing is available for free in its entirety. If you're hungry for more Black Panther after the film, this is a solid place to start. And Hounsou, unsurprisingly, does a stellar job as the eponymous hero. Now how's about getting us another high-quality Black Panther animated series, Marvel...

Check out the first episode below.



    I don't like the art, its some ugly ass Romita Jr shit.

    Ah, they used to show this on the ABC3 kids channel despite it being full of bloody violence and dismemberment, sex and any number of other elements you probably don't want to be showing to your primary school aged audience.

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