Refrigerator Blows Up In Net Cafe, Nearly Hitting A Customer 

Recently in Pingdingshan City, China, an internet cafe's refrigerator suddenly exploded, with the blast knocking forward a customer. According to CGTN, thankfully, no one was hurt.


Below is CCTV footage of the explosion.

Currently, authorities are investigating the cause.


    This is not what people come to Kotaku for.

      Agreed, but that's not to say there's not room for it. What I'd be interested in seeing added to the site is a separate feed down the right hand side that specifically has this sort of thing (short pieces, amusing events and so on that couldn't rightly be called a full article).

      This incident certainly could be an interesting tale, but without said tale, this is little more than a gif, a short clip and 2 lines of text.

        I don't know what layout you get since Kotaku keeps changing and making it (imo) crappier but this is filtered under In Real Life. If you or anyone else didn't want to read it, you could just use the sub headers at the top of the page

        off course having an actual filter for the site would be amazing but technically there are sub sections you can just visit individually

      Then why click on the article and post a comment?

      They post something you mildly disagree with, you come on here and bitch instead of ignoring it. Three other people comment on your comment....

      The bottom line is you've pushed site traffic up, which pushes revenue up, which is why the website exists in the first place - not to satisfy your assumed audience - TO MAKE MONEY. Nobody at Kotaku gives a f*ck about why people come here, the people buying the ads just want to know about traffic and audience engagement, both of which you've given them.

      You're complaining about a system that feeds off your complaints.

      Also the video was pretty interesting. I liked the part when the thing blew up.

        He is like a person who puts their hand in the campfire, Complains its hot and burning them, But keeps their hand in anyway.

        Dont like an article?


      You should apply for their non-vacant chief-editorial position.

      Who died and made you the ultimate arbiter of what content gets posted on Kotaku?

      Says you. I love coming to Kotaku for articles unrelated to gaming or even gaming culture that contain no useful information and 8Mb gifs.

    This is why I don't put fizzy drinks in the freezer *Glares at household*

    TFW a GIF and 2 lines of text gets more comments than a thought out and well written article :)

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