Battlestar Galactica Is Getting A Tabletop Miniatures Game

Battlestar Galactica Is Getting A Tabletop Miniatures Game

It’s like the excellent X-Wing, basically, only you get to yell “launch alert fighters” a lot.

The game is called Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles, and while there’s no release date yet, it will be present at Gen Con for people to get an early look at.

This is an early prototype shot; the final game will ship with fully-painted 3D miniatures

Before anyone accuses this of being an X-Wing rip-off, though, know that it’s been designed by the same team behind Wings of War, the 20th-century combat series that was itself a big inspiration for X-Wing.

Starship Battles will feature ships from both the original series and the 2004 reboot, and is being published by Ares Games.


  • I’ll admit I still haven’t got around to watching the classic series but are there really enough ships in BSG to make this a viable thing?
    All I can think of from the reimagined series is the 2 versions of Viper, the Raptor, the stealth ship (which didn’t have any weapons IIRC) Vs Raiders & Heavy Raiders… And I guess the carrier ships too though if it’s a similar game to X-Wing, I’d think Battlestars and Basestars would be a little too big.

    Interested to see some more of it though.

    • I presume it will be like X-Wing miniatures and the imperials. Lots of different variations of the tie fighter (half of which will just be sharper angles on the shape) :p

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