Game Critic Totalbiscuit Has Died

Game Critic Totalbiscuit Has Died

After retiring from games criticism at the start of the month, YouTube personality John “Totalbiscuit” Bain has passed away.

Bain’s wife, Genna, posted about his passing on Twitter:


Bain, 33, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014. It went into remission, only to return last year and spread to his liver and spine. Earlier this month, he announced his retirement from games criticism, saying that chemotherapy was no longer working and his liver was failing.

He said he planned to continue streaming and video-making, but in the form of co-op gameplay with his wife in hopes that she’d take over his channel when he was gone.

“I fully expect The Co-optional Podcast to go on and I love the thought that once I’m gone, the channels will go on in my absence, hosted by the person who knows me best and has been with me for the better part of my adult life,” he said.

“It’s been a privilege,” he added. “Thank you all for letting me into your life and do something so important as to have an impact on how you spend your hard-earned money.”


  • I had a lot of respect for Totalbiscuit. He could talk video games with the best of them. A great entertainer. He will be missed.

    • He honestly was straight to the point in calling out shitty studio practices that were made to exploit consumers and his analysis on games, telling people what sort of enjoyment and experience they could gain from playing something was so truthful. He didn’t require a payout to promote something. And his videos about steam sales and what the best deals you could get were great.

      I started watching his videos when he would make commentary on the WoW Cataclysm beta, and grew from there. I hadn’t watched his videos for a few years but I always checked in on updates to his health. It’s sad to see him gone and I hope that he’s inspired more people to take up his style of critique.

      RIP John

  • I knew this was coming, But i didnt want to ever hear it


    Thoughts are with Genna in this tough time.

  • Unbelievably sad.
    John was a tremendous force of good for our industry. He will be very dearly missed.

  • Rest in peace, Mr. Biscuit. Your patient, reflective and well-reasoned analyses were a beacon of hope in a world filled with knee-jerk reactions and melodrama, and hte world is darker for your passing. You will be missed. o7

    • and hte world is darker for your passing

      The world maybe morning, but it is certainly not darker.

      Were it not for TotalBiscuit, other YouTubers such as SidAlpha and News Cartridge might not have happened or be what they are now.

      So don’t think the world has gotten darker. Think of it as the light having been passed on and we should be thankful he was there in the first place to start in motion what we have now.

  • TotalBiscuit, you taught me to play hearthstone, ill miss you so much. rest in piece.
    i know ill be playing a few games in his honor

  • Yeah, cancer is a bitch…having been through 3 grandparents and then my own father all succumbing to it.

    I had a feeling this was coming sooner rather than later after he made the announcement that he didn’t have long left. The thing about it is that…as their health is deteriorating, you still have this faint hope that maybe…MAYBE they’ll pull through. But then what can only be described as the “final phase” starts. Once that starts, it’s a very rapid downhill drop and you only have a matter of weeks or even days left. TB probably knew when this final phase started and that’s when he said earlier in the month that he didn’t have much time left.

    At only 33 it’s a life that was taken too early, and I also really feel for his wife. Often, it’s the people that love the sufferer the most that are most affected. I’m still not really over the death of my father and that was almost 4 years ago, and I don’t think my mother will ever really be her old self again.

    • Having gone through the death of several grandparents several years ago. The worst thing afterward is you start to blame yourself for the small things. Like for me i felt really guilty i did not spend enough time with my my grandparents before their death. Its a silly thing to think about after a death like that. But it also shows you care.

  • RIP Total Biscuit. Even if I didn’t particularly like your content, cancer is a fucking awful way to die. Died way too young. Poor guy.

  • A man who gave me back faith in the games media after big names used to cash for comment and every game review was shallow. By being an independant voice and shining the spotlight on good games and the happenings in the gane industry he pioneered a youtube genre. Blogs and media are more honest opinions and critics now, and I follow many of the people he introduced me through his collaborations.

  • bowel cancer, that shit is nasty as FUCK. Sorry for his family that had to live through that horror experience. RIP

  • Sure we have known it was coming for years, but still my heart sank so much reading it. While youtube is full of ultra negative content creators, he was an interesting voice of reason amid the noise and highly passionate about what he was doing.

    I didnt always agree with him, but he delivered his content in such a way where i was comfortable hearing his side of things. More people should learn that skill.

  • My son came in before, told me it happened. Cymelion on here, a long time friend, introduced me to the works of Totalbiscuit years back. I’ve heartily enjoyed his stuff over the years. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I’ve always respected him. I especially respected and appreciated the fact he’s always had the dignity and courage to stand by his own opinions and beliefs rather than collapsing when challenged, or selling them for money like others tend to do. Some hate him, some love him and some like me, were in the middle area but took him as they found him. The world of games journalism, and games news and critique, is definitely poorer for his loss.

  • One of the better and more influential videogames consumer advocates

    I hope his influence survives him for a long time, keeping greedy exploitative bullshit tactics the games industry tries to pull on us a little further away

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