Adidas' First Two Dragon Ball Sneakers Are Goku & Frieza

OK, we’re pretty much done with leaks: these are some of the first official shots of Adidas’ anticipated upcoming collaboration with Dragon Ball Z, and they show the first two pairs are running with a Goku vs. Frieza theme.

As Sneaker News reports, the Goku shoe is a modified ZX500 RM, which is not just in his signature colour scheme but also has some extra fraying, prints and embroidery.

Frieza, meanwhile, gets a Yung-1.

Both shoes will be out in August. No word on price yet.


    They kinda look a little "cheap" or poor quality. Just my opinion before everyone on the comments jumps on me.

    These actually don't look hideous. I might pick up a pair of the Goku ones if I run into them

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