Fortnite Gets Guided Missiles Back, And They're Less Likely To Dominate

Fun: Riding a guided missile right into some unsuspecting goon’s face. Not fun: Being the unsuspecting goon whose face eats said missile.

This simple and universal truth handily illustrates the problem with Fortnite’s guided missiles, which were yanked in April. Today, Epic announced that they’re finally coming back.

Guided missiles were equal parts beloved and reviled during their brief tenure in the game, but pretty much everybody agreed that they were too powerful, which was why Epic removed them from the game, citing “concerns over fairness and strength”.

Epic’s new spin on the short-lived classic takes the emphasis off reckoning and puts it on recon.

“It’s hard to compete against a near-endless barrage of highly effective explosives,” senior designer Andrew Bains said in a developer update video published today, noting that the new version is “more of a scouting tool than a high-damage threat”.

Movement speed, turning radius, damage and damage radius are lower, and the ammo cap is now 12. So if all goes according to plan, the guided missile launcher won’t be an unstoppable storm of precision-firing death any more.

It will, however, definitely still be good for looking around without exposing yourself to other, more dangerous explosives — just hopefully not too good.


    These missiles ruined the game when they first came out, and were quickly axed. Doesn’t make sense to bring them back.

    I remember when they said they slowed the turn speed on the missile the 1st time. My solution? I have a mouse with hotkeys for sensitivity changing. When ever I launched a missile I would just set it to like 9500 and be able to turn on a dime, then switch it back when it exploded. So unless they made it so you cannot turn faster than intended this still won't be a big help.

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