DICE Reveals 1500-Metre ‘Hamada’ Map For Battlefield 5

DICE Reveals 1500-Metre ‘Hamada’ Map For Battlefield 5

Briefly: DICE Lead Multiplayer Designer Valerian Noghin shared an image on Twitter of a map called Hamada from the upcoming Battlefield V. At 1500m in the Breakthrough game mode, it’s a pretty big map. Battlefield V comes out on November 20.


      • You playing a version of BF2 I’m not aware of? Assuming you are talking about Karkand which was an urban map?
        It feels like people are just trying to look for faults that are not existent in BFV.

    • It says this map is for Breakthrough, which is a progressive sort of game mode (it sounds a bit like Rush?) ie one team defends, the other attacks, when the attackers take a sector then the defenders fall back to defend the next one. So that’s probably why it looks longer than it is wide, because the game will progress from one end to the other rather than being played across the entire map at once.

  • This is actually quite a revelation, the main complaints from the beta was that the maps were very tiny and it felt like a tdm game or COD.

    If there are more large maps like this it is a step in the right direction.

  • Would be interesting to compare this to BF1942 maps like Gazala or El Alamein. Franchise seems to have been shrinking map sizes ever since. Even the first ‘BFV’ (ie BF Vietnam) had maps that sound a lot bigger than this.

    Spent many a match walking long distances after ditching my plane. Especially on Battle of Britain.

    Might need to load some of the originals up and measure their maps

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