Behind The Scenes Filming A Mortal Kombat Game In 1995

Series co-creator Ed Boon shared a very cool video earlier today, showing some behind-the-scenes action from Mortal Kombat 3's motion capture filming.

Bit and pieces of this kind of stuff tend to pop up every now and again (like the MK1 photos we posted in 2014), but this is particularly great, because it doesn’t just show the filming itself, but a load of make-up and costume work as well.


    The style of the MK characters and their low FPS animation used to creep me out back then. Oddly enough it still does now.

    Man I love this stuff. Feels like it's from another world ...

      It's giving me Flashbacks

        Really does. I imagine it's what time travel would be like.

        Edit: Just got your joke. I'm a bit slow in my old age you see ;)

        Last edited 03/10/18 3:25 pm

    I didn't realise they just painted Jax's arms. I'd always assumed they went back and touched up the frames after digitising it, but this is obviously simpler.

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