Huawei Mate 20 And Mate 20 Pro: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

Image: Huawei

Here's how much Huawei's Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro will set you back, when you can get your hands on one in Australia, and exactly what those rumoured specs ended up being.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Can Wirelessly Charge Other Phones (Very Slowly)

In case you missed the news, Huawei finally has wireless charging on a device other than the Porsche Design Mate RS. It's been a long time coming and was a welcome, if not surprsing edition to the new Mate 20 Pro.

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Like so many other flagships this year, the leaks were dead on when it came to the Mate 20 Pro's key specs. As antiticated, it has 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and an 6.3-inch AMOLED panel.

There were a few surprises though.

Image: Huawei

Firstly, people seemed unsure as to whether the flagship device would have an on-screen sensor or go the way of Apple and double down on Face ID. As it turns out - it has both. Meanwhile, its Mate 20 sibling has its fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device.

The Mate 20 Pro has also finally brought wireless charging to Huawei (outside the realms of the Porsche Design Mate RS), with a healthy 15kW capacity, which is quite impressive. Sadly, the Mate 20 doesn't have this functionality.

But Huawei didn't stop there. In a world first, it also decided to turn the Mate 20 Pro into a reverse wireless charger that can charge other Qi-capable phones. It's quite a neat idea, but after some testing I'm looking forward to seeing where the technology is at a few years down the road.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Huawei phone if there wasn't a focus on the camera. This time around we're looking at a triple-threat rear lineup that combines a 40MP wide angle lens, a 20MP ultra-wide angle lens and an 8MP telephoto lens.

Interestingly, Huawei has chosen to ditch the monochrome lens from previous generations, claiming that they can get just as good a quality with what they have injected into the Pro now.

But that isn't the only thing it go rid of. You also won't be able to use Micro SD to expand the storage on this series. Instead, Huawei is introducing its own alternative called Nano Memory. It will be really interesting to see if this is adopted by other manufacturers in the coming years or will firmly remain within Huawei's wheelhouse.

Image: Huawei

Anyway, onto the cold, hard specs!

Mate 20 Pro Mate 20
Operating System Android 9 (Pie) Android 9 (Pie)
Display 6.39-inch AMOLED 3120 x 1440 2K+ display with 19:5:9 aspect ratio 6.53-inch LCD 2244 x 1080 FHD+ display with 18:7:9 aspect ration
Body 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6mm, 189g 158.2 x 77.3 x 8.3mm, 188g
Camera Rear: Triple camera with 40MP wide angle lens (F1.8), 20MP ultra wide angle lens (F2.2), 8MP telephoto lens (F2.4). Front: 24MP wide angle lens (F2.0) Rear: Triple camera with 12MP wide angle lens (F1.8), 16MP ultra wide angle lens (F2.2), 8MP telephoto lens (F2.4). Front: 24MP wide angle lens (F2.0)
Video Up to 4K UHD, 960fps slow motion capable Up to 4K UHD, 960fps slow motion capable
Chipset 7nm Kirin 980 with dual AI CPU: 2 x Cortex A76 processor(2.6GHz) + 2 x Cortex A76 processor (1.92GHz) + 4 x cortex A55 (1.8GHz), 720MHz Mali-G76 GPU 7nm Kirin 980 with dual AI CPU" 2 x Cortex A76 processor(2.6GHz) + 2 x Cortex A76 processor (1.92GHz), 720MHz Mali-G76 GPU
Memory 6GB RAM 128GB + expanded Nano Memory (NM) card up to 256GB 6GB RAM 128GB + expanded Nano Memory (NM) card up to 256GB
Battery 4,2000mAh with 40W SuperCharge 2.0 Technology, Qi 15W wireless charging and reverse wireless charging 4,00mAh with SupeCharge technology
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz and 5G enabled), Bluetooth v 5.0 (BLE supported), USB type-C Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz and 5G enabled), Bluetooth v 5.0 (BLE Support), USB type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack
Payment NFC NFC
Authentication Lock type: PIN. Biometric lock type: fingerprint scanner (front in-screen), facial recognition Lock type: pattern, PIN, password. Biometric lock type: fingerprint scanner (rear), facial recognition
Audio aptX/aptX HD and LDAC HD audio capable aptX/aptX HD and LDAC HD audio capable

The Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro will be available for pre-order on October 17 and ship on November 1. The Mate 20 Pro will be available in two colours, black and midnight blue and have an RRP of $1,599. The Mate 20 will be available in black and have an RRP of $1,099.

Anyone who pre-orders either handset before October 31 will also receive a free pair of wireless Huawei Freebuds (RRP $199) and if you pre-order the Mate 20 Pro you'll also score a complimentary Huawei wireless charger (RRP $149).

The series will be available through Optus, Vodafone, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, MobileCiti and Kogan.


    Specs aren't listing the chip that allows the Chinese government a back door onto your phone...

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      The NPC passed amendments to national security laws on June 27.

      Article 11: National intelligence work institutions shall lawfully collect and process relevant intelligences on foreign bodies, organizations and individuals engaged in, or inciting or assisting others to engage in, or domestic bodies, organizations and individuals who collude with foreign bodies, organizations or individuals to engage in harm to the national security and interests of the People’s Republic of China, in order to provide intelligence as a reference and basis and reference for preventing, curbing and punishing the above acts.

      Article 12: National intelligence work institutions may, according to relevant state regulations, establish cooperative relationships with relevant individuals and organizations, and commission them to carry out related work.

      Article 14: National intelligence work institutions, when carrying out intelligence work according to laws, may ask relevant institutions, organizations and citizens to provide necessary support, assistance and cooperation.

      So it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, if you are asked to spy on foreign nationals or governments you are bound to by law.

        If you think governments follow conventions when spying on people I have this bridge to sell you...

          Dod you evej read it? The law essentially gives them unlimited power. What else do they need?
          It sounds like you're trying to hint at they will use sone illegal means to get the information they want, but they don't have those once illegal means are now legal. Or is this just a generic I hate goverment rant.

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