The 'AirDrop Perverts' On Japanese Trains 

In Japanese, the word "chikan" refers to those who grope others in public or the unwanted touching itself. "AirDrop chikan" has entered the public discourse.

As this Japanese news broadcast points out, it's also called "cyber chikan".

In the West, the BBC reported on the "first cyber-flashing" in 2015 after a British woman was sent an unwelcome penis photo via AirDrop while travelling on a south London train.

Sadly, this was not an isolated incident. Twitter is filled with women (some men as well) recounting how random strangers have AirDropped unwelcome lewd photos.

Increasingly, the Japanese media has also been reporting on AirDrop chikan. Twitter users have been recounting the harassment for the past few years, advising others to set AirDrop to either "Receiving Off" or "Contacts Only".

"AirDrop chikan akan" (AirDrop痴漢あかん) or "Don't sexually harass via AirDrop".

According to Huffington Post Japan, there have been at least two "AirDrop chikan" arrests in Japan: One was in July in Hyogo Prefecture, with the suspect allegedly sending a lewd image while on a Kobe-bound train, and the other was in Osaka also earlier this year, with the suspect allegedly doing the same.

AirDrop chikan cases can be difficult to investigate. If the image isn't accepted, there isn't evidence for the authorities as the data isn't saved. The British Transport Police, however, recommend saving the image so the authorities have the data footprint necessary to mete out punishment.

As mentioned above, the way to avoid the possibility of unwanted images is set AirDrop to either "Receiving Off" or "Contacts Only".


    And that's why you never let random people send you stuff: because it's almost always dicks.

      Sometimes they can be from people you know. A little while ago, a friend and I were having a rather heated disagreement... That night I ordered a "bag of dicks" and it was delivered to his house by the end of the week with the note, "eat it".

      Was glorious

    AirDrop? Is this basically just unsolicited bluetooth file transfers, and didn't we encounter and solve that problem forever ago?

      AirDrop is Apple's proprietry Bluetooth transfer service. For this to even happen, the receiver would need to have their AirDrop setting toggled to receive from 'Everyone' which is definitely not default.

    Yeah, people who do this kinda stuff are arseholes and no one should have to deal with this shit.
    But... I mean...
    Not using basic privacy settings and getting trolled is kinda like not wearing sunglasses and then complaining that the sun is bright.
    Sure, in an ideal world you should not have to. But I for one have never seen one of those and adjust accordingly.

      Yeah, but that means people might have to take the absolute minimum amount of responsibility for their own security.

      And we can't go asking people to do crazy things like that.

        They're iPhone users, that's asking a bit too much of them.

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