Fake Maps Are The Best Maps

Fake Maps Are The Best Maps

Karl Vesterberg is a freelance artist from Sweden who has a particular thing for fictional hand-drawn maps and city illustrations.

This is the kind of work you normally see on a map screen, or board game board, or coffee table guide book, and it is very much my fetish.

In addition to the fantasy stuff, though, Vesterberg has also been working with the National Archives of Sweden in Gothenburg to “produce visual representations that mediate the written and visual source material to Gothenburg’s history from the 17th to 20th century.”

You can see more of Vesterberg’s work at his personal site.


  • So much map porn…
    Always been fascinated by fantasy mapmakers – the first few I saw in the Dragonlance series “The Companions” had me hooked.
    The Midkemia and Tsurani maps in Feist’s work are magnificent.

  • great to look at, not so great to live in – sunshine could do himself a favor and take some town planning courses hehe

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