Anyone For Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO?

LEGO Ideas — the community program where fans can get their dream sets made — currently has a Sonic submission up for voting, and it looks great.

Based on 2017's Sonic Mania, it would include Sonic & Eggman minifigs, a giant Eggman mech, a bunch of enemies, a Phantom Ruby, rings and some Green Hill Zone terrain modules that could be moved around.

It’s far from the first Sonic submission to the site, but I like how this one tones it down a little, focusing as much on the landscape as it does the minifigs. That, plus the fact it’s based on a recent and successful game, means it might actually get a shot at being made (provided Sega were willing to play ball).

There are more pics of the playset pitch here.

via Go Nintendo


    In the meantime - they did a great Lego Dimensions Sonic. Even if you don't have the game - you can pick up the sonic pack and it includes some nice minifigures.

      That's why this set probably won't go ahead. They don't do Lego Ideas sets for franchises they've made other sets for.

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