Watch Me Try To Kill Ten Husbands In The Sims 4

I love Sims challenges, but I never finish them. I’ve resolved to change that. I’m trying out the Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge, and I’ll be streaming it in hopes that an audience will keep me honest.

The Black Widow Challenge was created by the simmer Simalot, and the rules are simple. You make a Sim with the Snob, Materialistic, and Romantic traits, find them a would-be husband, marry that guy, and then kill them. Then you do it again, and again, until you’ve killed ten husbands. There are a few other rules and a complex scoring system, but that’s the gist.

The Sim I made, Scarlet Emery, is gorgeous, and during my first stream with Tim Rogers, I got her to ensnare her first husband.

Sorry Elijah.

I’m not usually a Sim killer; I usually prefer to play out large, successful families. This challenge caught my eye after I watched Lilsimsie’s Let’s Play series on it, in which she accidentally murdered the love of her black widow’s life, after which point she made it her mission to make ambrosia and bring him back from the dead (yes, you can do that in The Sims 4). There’s so much room for comedy, even with all the murder involved.

I’ve already kinda fucked up my first attempt. I met two eligible bachelors out at the bar, and one of them was a rich professional chef. Your black widow isn’t allowed to get a job, so marrying money is key. I ended up proposing to the wrong guy. Oops. He’s doomed anyway.

Every week on Thursdays I’ll be returning to this challenge until I rack up my ten kills. I can only hope for more misadventures along the way.


    I'm pretty sure Kotaku would be screaming bloody murder if there were a "kill 10 wives" challenge.

      There are and spouse murder challenges aren't even the most extreme.

        OK I'll wait for Gita to post the article where she jovially completes those challenges then.

          how dare you try and make a whamen play a character that doesn't conform to their real life identity or even gender for that matter, clearly it is impossible and inhumane to expect Gita to KILL 10 wives let alone play a man =P

    Australia has endemic problems with violence against women: 69 women died violently in 2018, and there have been 5 deaths as of February 5th 2019.

    Think about that shit before you jump into this thread with contrarian drivel.

      Sorry I didn't realise that justified the gleeful depiction of male victimisation. My bad.

      Is that suit of armor heavy? M'whiteknight

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