Tokyo’s Halloween Crackdown Could Ban Public Drinking

Tokyo’s Halloween Crackdown Could Ban Public Drinking
Gif: <a href="">News 24</a>

Last year, Halloween in Tokyo’s Shibuya descended into chaos. According to News 24, Shibuya is moving towards regulating the area’s Halloween celebrations by banning public drinking in the roads around the station as well as in public parks.

Drinking in public is allowed in Japan. Drinking has traditionally been seen as something relegated to bars and restaurants but is also enjoyed outside during BBQ, picnics and cherry-blossoming viewing parties.

Drinking in the street is typically frowned upon in Japanese society, but matsuri (festivals) have long been an exception. Halloween seems to have morphed into a matsuri or some sort. Or at least, it’s become an excuse for young people to get hammered in public.

Shibuya is also examining whether or not drinking should also be banned during the New Year’s Eve countdown.


  • They should just ban alcohol altogether, as well as any form of smoking, then legalise weed (using herbal vaporisers of course, smoking anything is dumb), and eventually become a utopia.

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