Temtem Is A Pokémon Clone That Looks Pretty Cool

Temtem Is A Pokémon Clone That Looks Pretty Cool

Temtem is an MMO out this week that, in many and very obvious ways, is trying to be the kind of Pokémon game people have wanted for years but have never actually gotten.

I mean, just look at this:

And this!

So, yes, Pokémon. Only you fight with two monsters at once instead of one, letting you team up and string together combos, and it’s an MMO, so you can wander around the overworld with friends.

It’s out tomorrow in beta form on Steam, with a final release on Xbox One, Switch and PS4 planned for 2021.


  • So in theory it’s out today on Steam. But it isn’t. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Curator reviews sound positive. I’ll be curious to see if something that’s basically an exact clone of pokemon – just changing up the art and some names – is good. If nothing else it’ll give me a pokemon game to play until such time as the mainline pokemon games actually have all the pokemon in them. And if they never do well… I won’t be playing them one way or another.

    • I’d forgive the lack of pokemon if the game was actually fun but sword/shield felt like a chore. And not a particularly challenging chore as I one hit almost every gym leader pokemon without even grinding that much. I guess I need to remember that the game is made for children.

      • Implying that level grinding is ever a good thing. If a game requires you to level grind to beat something, it screwed up its pacing.

        That being said, yes. Pokemon is easy.

    • I think most / a lot of people want pokemon on PC, and temtem is the closest thing to that dream

      I have no feelings towards the game currently, it’s only going early access tomorrow so I don’t think there’s any rush to buy in

  • What i’m hoping is these guys will bring life/competition into a genre typically dominated by one player (Pokemon) and as a result has gotten very stagnant.

    • Ditto. The recent couple of generations have been a huge let down. And some of the ones before could use work tho had their moments.

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