The Worst Games Of 2019 According To Metacritic

The Worst Games Of 2019 According To Metacritic

2019 was a year filled some damn good games. Baba Is You, Resident Evil 2, Control, The Outer Worlds and many more high-quality games released this year. But it’s not all good and this year also saw the release of some games that weren’t well-reviewed by critics or fans.

Here are the top five worst games with at least 7 reviews based on Metacritic scores.

5. Dollhouse | Score: 41 (PS4)

The idea behind Dollhouse sounds interesting. You have to piece together a mystery while exploring creepy mazes that are randomly generated each time you play. But according to both critics and Steam reviews, the game is a boring slog that isn’t very scary or fun.

4. Contra: Rogue Corps. | Score: 40 (Switch)

When I first saw this trailer I didn’t believe this was a real Contra game. I figured a random developer had decided to slap the name Contra on their latest mobile game to help it sell better. But nope, this was indeed a new official Contra game from Konami. It’s not great! It does have a panda, which is cool. But Tekken has a panda too and I would much rather play Tekken.

3. Blades Of Time | Score: 38 (Switch)

This looks less like a real video game and more like something you would see in an episode of Silicon Valley or CSI. You know, something that looks like a video game, but is just made up for the show. Also, this game originally came out in 2012 and it looked bad back then. Why was it brought to the Switch in 2019? That’s a great question.

2. Left Alive | Score: 37 (PS4)

I remember seeing some gameplay of Left Alive in a trailer and thinking “Hey, this looks like a cool Metal Gear Solid-ish game. I might like this.” Then I watched the Giant Bomb Quick Look of the game and realised that it was probably not for me. Kotaku’s own Heather Alexandra had this to say about Left Alive, [It’s] a clunky disaster whose good ideas are undercut by horrible gameplay.

1. Eternity: The Last Unicorn | Score: 36 (PS4)

The worst reviewed game on Metacritc with at least 7 reviews is a game I have never heard of at all. Most of the other games on this list I at least knew existed, but not Eternity: The Last Unicorn. The above gameplay is rough, filled with bland art design, clunky movement and a sense of stillness that makes the whole game feel boring and dead.

While these games are the worst reviewed on Metacritic, even bad or lacklustre games can have fans. And even a bad game, movie or book can have parts of it that are interesting or great. Even memorable.

Maybe you played one or more of these games. If so, let us know what you thought. Do these games deserve to be known as the worst of 2019? Or are there even worst games out there that nobody knows about that deserve to be on a list like this.


  • Ahh, no, I played MUCH worse than Blades of Time thankyouverymuch. I mean, it probably should’ve come out four or five years after Soul Reaver, whose gameplay and graphics it mimics+improves upon (ohwait. It DID: 2012), but it’s definitely not a bad game. It’s actually pretty good, and it holds up today even better than Soul Reaver, which a recent replay showed is suffering badly in the poly count. (Still fun combat, though.)

    I have no idea why it’s rated poorly. Maybe the Switch players just now experiencing it didn’t realize they were getting a re-release of a pretty good 2012 game.

    • On a not-even-vaguely related note, I see what you meant about Mechwarrior 5’s radar. Oh my god, it is so terrible.

      • Yeah. It was bad enough that I lost interest and stopped playing. That and seeing too far behind the smoke and mirrors of the procedural generation, having to save-scum to try and find a market that will sell a mech that supports a configuration I want to play instead of all the garbage you’re arbitrarily locked into by the developers for God knows why reason (I assume another left-over from MWO balancing), etc, etc, etc. Over it. I reinstalled BattleTech instead to go through the DLC I hadn’t played.

        If they could mix the game structure of BattleTech with the stompy, in-cockpit fighting of MW5 (minus the fucking garbage radar and absurd enemy waves spawning mere dozens of metres away) I’d probably be super-chuffed.

        • Yeah…I’m still playing, but it’s disappointing. Waited nearly two decades for this and it’s not what I hoped for. Not being able to customise your mech how you want is just inexplicable.

          But that radar, Jesus. Enemies just appearing a few hundred feet away, losing targets because they go behind a small rise, but the most egregious is when you’re looking at targeted enemy some distance away and then you lose target/radar lock even though you can still see the damn enemy out of your cockpit. The hell.

    • Agreed. I played the original game through just yesterday since it had been sitting on my backlog for a very long time and I felt like something I could smash through in a day.

      It’s not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination, and definitely doesn’t deserve to be on a “worst game of the year” list. It’s certainly got problems in terms of checkpoints, writing/voice acting and the gameplay is a little clunky at points, but on the whole, it has an interesting idea with its time mechanic.

      Saying it doesn’t look like a video game is unnecessary hyperbole.

  • That Contra game is basically being given away in Humble Store so I took a look and boy, does it look like a stinker. I really have to question the usage of the Contra brand, it adds nothing to the game as it’s as unrelated as it could be in mechanics and looks. In fact, this only detracts from the brand.

    • Same happened with Front Mission: Evolved.
      I pre-ordered that fucking abomination because I loved the SNES Front Mission games so much. I have regrets.

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