Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 Launches With Map Updates, Loot Train

Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 Launches With Map Updates, Loot Train
Image: Activision
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Today’s update finally gave Call of Duty’s Warzone a slight refresher with a bunch of satisfying map changes. The Season 5 content launched for both Modern Warfare and Warzone across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

At first glance, Warzone’s map of Verdansk looks pretty much the same as it did at launch, but now the stadium is missing a giant chunk of its roof. Folks who expected a major visual refresher by now may be disappointed, as it seems we may never see drastic seasonal changes of the sort we saw with Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale. Regardless, Warzone’s Season 5 changes still have a positive impact on the map.

Most obviously, Verdansk’s stadium and train station each received a welcomed remodel. The locations were previously limited to exterior gunfights only, and they were just a total waste of space on the map. But now their doors are open, making these buildings much more viable locations to drop with plenty of rooms to loot and explore. Stadium is definitely the hotspot to drop right now, so the train station is likely a safer bet if you want to explore the new areas.

The previously teased “loot train” is now circling the map, too. The train chugs by at a slow enough pace that you can run up and safely climb aboard. I’ve seen it carrying quite a few of the orange “high-tier” loot crates, but be prepared to fight other squads for them. The train will likely be chaotic until the “new” wears off.

All aboard the loot train! (Image: Activision) All aboard the loot train! (Image: Activision)

Season 5 also delivers Warzone’s fastest mode yet. “Mini Royale” is Warzone’s new limited-time mode with a condensed map. Mini Royale cuts the player count down from 150 to just 78, and you start the match with a large portion of the map already blocked off with gas. This is meant to create quicker matches with more engagements, making it a better option for players easily frustrated with slow, campy matches. Mini Royale is another limited-time mode that I’ll be sad to see disappear when the playlist refreshes.

While maps and modes are the meat of the content, Season 5 also adds some other nice touches. “War Tracks” are unlockable songs that you can equip to each vehicle in the game, so you and your whole squad can rock out while on the move. And the fan-favourite “weapon inspection” feature is now available in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. With a quick button press, you can now visually inspect your gun mid-match to examine all its details. (Console players can do this by holding left on the d-pad.) Whether purchased through bundles or earned from endless hours of grinding challenges, these camos come at great cost, so it’s nice to have a better option to flaunt them.

On the multiplayer side, the update also brings some new content to Modern Warfare. There are two new 6v6 multiplayer maps, “Petrov Oil Rig” and “Suldal Harbour,” and a 32v32 Ground War map based off the Verdansk airport. And as always, a new season of content brings another battle pass of cosmetics with free and premium tiers. Infinity Ward’s Season 5 roadmap shows that a mid-season event is also planned, so there’s definitely more to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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