AMD’s New Video Card Is Now Live In Fortnite

AMD’s New Video Card Is Now Live In Fortnite
Screenshot: Epic Games
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AMD isn’t ready to reveal everything about its upcoming Radeon RX 6000 series video cards to the world, but the company’s fine with giving gamers a little sneak peek at the card’s design via a honking-big virtual model within Fortnite Creative.

Just log into Fortnite Creative, enter access code 8651-9841-1639 into the terminal, and you’re transported to a world where the new Radeon card’s triple-fan design rules the sky. Players can see wondrous sights such as giant display ports, big enough to hide in, and giant fans that are not spinning murderously but should be.

Screenshot: Epic Games Screenshot: Epic Games

I spent about 15 minutes poking around the virtual Radeon RX 6000 series, listening to two other players discuss the card enthusiastically until finally concluding that while it will be awesome, they liked Nvidia’s newer cards better.

Screenshot: Epic Games Screenshot: Epic Games

I wouldn’t know, I have not walked on a giant-sized Nvidia card.

Look for more on the actual AMD Raden RX 6000 series cards soon. They are just like the one you see here, only if you step on them you’ll be sad.


  • Genuinely curious to see both Nvidia’s and AMD’s cards really get out in the wild to see just how much smoke both companies are blowing this time around.

    • amd hasnt been blowing any smoke. its the fanboys that do that. weve heard it for decades oh this gen amd “x” will kill kill intel or nvidia given context. its played out for 15 years now. ryzen came close, beat intel on price but not much else, but amd yet to best nvidia. so “big navi” has been these fan boys poster on the wall for a while now. and in typical fashion it wont beat nvidia and the fanboys will go back to the drawing board claiming whatever amd has next in line as “the one”.

      • I’ve always found it a bit odd the AMD vs Nvidia thing.

        The only thing AMD seem to be winning there is simply being cheaper so console manufacturers opt for them almost sight unseen.

        You can make arguments for sure that AMD has some decent footing against Intel in the CPU area, but for desktop GPUs I just don’t get how the fanboys can justify basically anything in recent years.

        I think the last time I personally had a non-Nvidia card genuinely impress me in a PC was the ATI Radeon 9600 XT. And I do hope I recall the correct model because I just remember it being a disgustingly good performing card at the time.

        But yeah, that’d be over 15 years ago now still.

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