Please Enjoy This Ridiculous FIFA 21 Glitch

Please Enjoy This Ridiculous FIFA 21 Glitch
Gif: EA / BuschLatte146, Fair Use

No good FIFA game is complete without the occasional bonkers moment and FIFA 21 doesn’t disappoint.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Reddit user BuschLatte146 kicked off their Squad Battle against the computer by trying to catch the keeper off guard with a shot from way downtown. The seemingly sticky crossbar had other plans though, leading to a scramble inside the net as players threw themselves at the glitched ball.

Gif: EA / BuschLatte146, Fair UseGif: EA / BuschLatte146, Fair Use

Presenter Derek Rae’s spot-on commentary tells the tale:

Oops and pushed onto the wood work.

And touched onto the frame of the goal.

And foiled only by the crossbar.

The crossbar got in the way.

Well the keeper is happy the bar was there.

Denied by the bar.

Back in play here.

A goal.

FIFA 21 doesn’t have VAR, but if it did I’m sure it would give this play its seal of approval anyway.

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