Turns Out Sully’s Plane From Uncharted Can Be Found In A Last Of Us Multiplayer Map

Turns Out Sully’s Plane From Uncharted Can Be Found In A Last Of Us Multiplayer Map
Screenshot: Sony / Naughty Dog
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Rodney Reece, a former Naughty Dog developer, revealed on Twitter recently that Sully’s plane from Uncharted can be found in The Last of Us. And based on how folks are reacting to it, this seems to be something nobody noticed before. Probably because they were too busy surviving.

The plane can be found in the level “Beach” though the plane has certainly seen better days. According to Reece, who now works at Respawn and works on Apex Legends, the plane asset was directly pulled from the first Uncharted. He then “broke it into pieces” and stuck it in the multiplayer level. And there it has sat, with nobody seemingly noticing it since.

Before you start pulling out your corkboard covered in red string, pictures of Ellie and Nate and getting ready to add this to your “Uncharted and Last of Us Are Connected” theory, Reece points out that this isn’t canon. Just a fun Easter egg and nod to the studio’s past.

Sometimes Easter eggs and references are just fun secrets and not part of some elaborate plan to connect multiple games, books, or TV shows together. For example, Sully’s plane is named “Hog Wild” in Uncharted. This is a nod to a level from Crash Bandicoot. This doesn’t mean Crash and Nate are fighting off Clickers together in the future. Though thinking about now, I’d play that game.

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  • But.. they are connected? The Sic Parvis ring is in a vault in TLOU2. In saying that there’s also copies of Uncharted in the game so who knows haha.

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