Community’s Paintball Episodes Have Been Turned Into A Free Online Game

Community’s Paintball Episodes Have Been Turned Into A Free Online Game

I liked the first two seasons of Community. Then I liked the third season a bit less and then I just stopped watching. But those first seasons were good and I loved those paintball episodes a lot. And what do you know, some folks who are clearly streets ahead, created and released a free online multiplayer game based on those very same episodes!

Six Seasons And A Game is a free game that released on Steam earlier this month. Spotted by Polygon, the game has a surprisingly high number of positive reviews. And, at least when I played, I was able to find full servers and matches regularly. The game is set in Greendale Community College and the level is filled with Easter eggs and references to the show. (I probably missed some of them because I didn’t watch the whole series. But I did enjoy the soda machine. Pop-pop!)

The actual gameplay is a bit stiff and unresponsive, but it’s fun enough for an hour or two. It’s also hard to be too critical considering the game is entirely free and is being made by a small team of developers who describe themselves as “volunteers with limited experience” and they warned players might encounter bugs or other problems.

In my time with the game, I didn’t experience any major bugs and ended up doing fairly well in one match and getting stomped in the other two matches I played. I was a real Britta, you could say.

Six Seasons And A game is available on Steam for free now.

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