A First-Person Shooter Where You Can Fire 8 Guns At Once

A First-Person Shooter Where You Can Fire 8 Guns At Once
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One gun in a shooter is boring. Two guns are a bit more interesting, but still nothing new. Three? You got my attention. Four? Five? Eight?! Whoa… Now we’re talking.

As spotted by Warp Door, RAYKA is a small and free first-person shooter made by Voxel for the recently ended 9th Kajam game jam event. It’s only three levels long, but it’s a blast.

It starts off fairly simple. You have a pistol and you shoot some enemies. But soon you pick up a second pistol. Then three. Then more and more until you have eight pistols all firing at once. At that point, you become a human spider mixed with a Gatling gun. It’s a trippy and oddly satisfying experience.

I’d play a bigger, more fleshed-out version of RAYKA in a heartbeat. I want to twirl around more types of guns. Shotguns. Rockets! More than eight. Let’s get 20 guns going at once.

You can download RAYKA for free on Itch.io.

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