Some Good-Arse Video Game Smoke

Some Good-Arse Video Game Smoke
To be honest, this GIF doesn't entirely do it justice. Watch the video. (Gif: Dennis Gustafsson)

Look at that smoke! Holy smokes, that’s some good smoke.

This smoke — some of the best I’ve seen in a game — is brought to you by Teardown, a heist game where everything is destructible. It rules. Yesterday on Twitter, developer Dennis Gustafsson trotted out his intangible Mona Lisa like it was no big deal.

“A lot of you have asked for more smoke sim,” he wrote. “It is completely reworked and optimised in upcoming 0.7 [update] and features full script control!”

This is not just some update, Dennis! This is immaculate. Take a victory lap, my guy. You’ve earned it.

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  • Impressive! I’ve watched some streamers play this and it looks more and more appealing. The timers are a bit of a turn-off, but if there’s some kind of similarly-rewarding sandbox, this might be a late birthday treat for myself when I’m done with my current games.

  • Some of the best smoke you’ve seen?! This is the kind of thing you see in those liquid physics simulation showcases that never actually appear in a game.
    I mean holy shit, it didn’t even clip through the wall which you still see in AAA games these days.

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