Apple Lawyer Points Out Epic Games Store Top 20 Has 25 Games

Apple Lawyer Points Out Epic Games Store Top 20 Has 25 Games
Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

During Apple’s cross-examination of Steven Allison, general manager of the Epic Games Store, Apple’s lawyer walked all assembled, piece by piece, through the Epic Games Store. Alongside saying game titles like Warframe and Necromunda: Hired Gun like they’re normal human words, Apple’s lawyer also pointed out a glaring, perhaps even fatal, discrepancy on the store.

Instructing all assembled to follow along as she examined the store’s top sellers, Apple’s lawyer factually stated that “If you go to ‘view more’ it says top 20” before unleashing the denouement: “I don’t know if you know this, but there’s actually 25 under the top 20.”



  • What the hell is even happening in this world anymore?

    Nectomunda: Hired Gun looks rad, though. It’s made by the team who made the absolutely bonkers E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy.

  • Damn, dude. What a petty, probably irrelevant detail. What were they trying to prove with that, that might be relevant to the case? Feels like it was just snide sniping, wasting the court’s time. Like pointing out a typo on the front page or something.

    • You see, your honour? Epic has a history of lying to people about things. Who ever heard of a “Top 20” with 25 items? They’re trying to sneak in extra numbers, just like what they’re doing with my client. Sneaky numbers.

    • This is actually fairly standard for court. If there’s errors it’s noted for the benefit of the judge and transparency. If the page numbering in the court book is off they’ll note that too and it’s a far more major deal to a judge, even though it might seem minor.

    • Yeah, this is pretty standard. Lawyers in cases like this will hone on these small details to wave their dicks around and try to intimidate the other party.

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